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On-Site Learning & Consulting

We can bring our services right to your workplace.

From customized training programs facilitated in your shop – and on your schedule – to a diverse selection of consulting services, you can be assured of a solution that fits your specific needs and delivers the results you want, when you want them.

On-Site Learning & Consulting Solutions

Customized training and consulting programs

Delivered when and where you need us, the EA’s On-Site training solutions are customized to meet your specific learning objectives. Our “Learning Journey” approach is intentionally designed to strengthen learning retention and sustainability.

Let our team of content experts help you with such areas as Leadership/Supervisor training, Respect in the Workplace, Diversity and Inclusion, Extraordinary Customer Experience, Harassment Awareness and Prevention, and more. Have a specific challenge? Contact us; we can help.

Most Popular On-Site Training Topics

Building Civility and Respect - Overcoming Unconscious Bias

Unconscious bias impacts how leaders make decisions, including decisions about who is hired and promoted. Even those of us with the best intentions sometimes act in biased ways and don’t even realize we’re doing it. The good news is that we can overcome our unconscious biases to make better decisions, create an environment where everyone can share ideas and opinions, and help to build a more diverse and inclusive company.


Extraordinary Customer Experience

What does the customer service experience look like at your organization? Has your customer service staff fallen into ruts? Do they know how to move from doing tasks to creating great experiences for customers (external and internal)? How do you and your staff get into the ‘shoes’ of your customer to produce an experience the customer will remember (and an experience they’ll tell others about)? The EA has the tools and training you need to ensure that your customers keep coming back with our customized Customer Experience training options!


Five Languages of Appreciation at Work

The “Five Languages of Appreciation at Work” is designed to help managers, directors, supervisors and teams learn how to communicate appreciation in a way that is targeted and effective. This targeted approach is powered by the MBA (Motivating by Appreciation) inventory, an innovative tool that identifies the Appreciation language that’s most effective for each participant—even if the participant works offsite.


Foundations of Supervisions Series

Studies show that people don’t leave companies, they leave the person who directs their daily work. To help you retain your top talent, we equip your supervisors, managers and leads with the tools they need to better manage (and thus retain) those top performers.


Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Be proactive when it comes to harassment awareness and prevention. Allow us to come to your place of business and present no-nonsense, straightforward information and advice to your team, from manufacturing to the professional office and everyone in between. Our classes are up to date and professionally taught by engaging instructors.


Hiring Smart - A Behavioral Interviewing Workshop

First impressions are critical for both the candidate and the person doing the interview. Make a positive impression that lasts while conducting an effective and in depth interview session. This interactive workshop is designed to equip even the most seasoned professional with the tools they need to succeed, and to make sure the selection process aligns with the needs of the company.


Other On-Site Consulting Solutions

Employee Engagement

Consider the cost of having disengaged employees. How can it impact your customers? Your operational efficiencies? Your organization? The EA’s Employee Engagement Survey will help you get a sense of your employees’ perceptions of your organization’s climate, leadership, compensation, safety, and much more.

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HR Consulting

Tailored to your needs, delivered when and where you need the training, let the EA’s On-Site Learning and Consulting Department help. Take a look at the wide array of options available.


HR Recruiting

The EA’s HR Recruiting service features experienced HR professionals that can assist to make sure you are getting applicants with the necessary skills and experience for your professional-level positions.


HR Support

You’re managing a busy HR department. Some days, don’t you wish you had an extra set of eyes and two more hands? Look to the EA to help you with your recruitment process, job analysis and job description development, employee handbook development, HR best practices and a host of other HR-related topics.


How may we serve you?REQUEST MORE INFO.

What Others Are Saying

We partnered with The EA to provide Manager Leadership training. And it truly was that – a partnership. We wanted a program tailored to our organization, that didn’t seem canned or rote, and was branded as our own. Our EA consultant was attentive to our needs, meeting with us numerous times to prepare each session. He really listened to us, making sure to understand our training goals and organization’s culture. Participant feedback was extremely positive with our Managers sharing that they took away practices they could implement immediately.

– Gail Ritchie, HR Manager, Rudolph Libbe Group

We engaged the EA to provide in-house training, which provided us the opportunity to have minimal disruption to our manufacturing lines because supervisors did not have to travel and be away from work for an extended period of time. Their approach allowed us the opportunity to “tailor fit” the training material to our needs. We also appreciated that the training times were very flexible to enable multiple shifts to participate, and that training was available to different levels of leadership in the organization. Probably our best testimonial comes from the post-training survey results, which showed that 95% of the group found the training to be relevant, useful and enjoyable!

  – Cynthia (Cindy) Kozak, Human Resources Director, Haas Door

I’ve had the pleasure of utilizing the Employers’ Association’s training resources throughout my career, and I have always found them to have a consistent, high level of excellence in both content and presenters.

They are quick to respond to an organization’s needs and thoroughly follow up during and after training sessions to ensure the organization is satisfied, and they continually ask for feedback for improvement. With each training session we have had them come onsite to administer, they took the time to consult with me and my team before any sessions started to make sure the material and approach were customized to our specific situations. The sessions themselves were very interactive, and included built in time so participants could discuss the real world issues they face. I also found the presenters to have a high level of content knowledge, along with a willingness to listen and pivot to the needs of the learners.

When my organization is in need of external training, I always contact the EA first. I continue to have a high level of confidence in their training program, and I enthusiastically endorse it for any organization!

– Heidi Taylor, Director, Talent Management | North America, Wieland North America

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Member Benefits

Custom solutions delivered when – and where – you need them

When you have a challenge that requires a specific training solution or a customized analysis, look to the EA’s On-Site Learning and Consulting team. We will meet with you to fully understand your issue, and will develop a training program custom tailored to meet your needs.

The program will be delivered at your facility at the time you need it. Our knowledgeable trainers and consultants present on a wide range of topics including harassment awareness and prevention, respectful communications, employment law and more. Consulting projects include employee handbook reviews, employee engagement surveys, and customer service audits and others.

Give us a call and let us know what’s on your mind!

What You Get

Content developed specifically to meet your needs
Delivery to your team at your facilities – when you need it
Subject matter experts skilled in their respective areas


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