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On-Site Learning / Consulting Solutions

Customized training and consulting programs


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How can Workplace Culture be a competitive advantage for your company? Recruiting and retaining employees is becoming more and more difficult. The EA can provide a certified Workplace Culture Consultant, that will help you to measure and evaluate your company’s Workplace Culture and help to identify what is working and what can be improved within your organization.


Customer Service

What does customer service excellence look like at your organization? Has your customer service staff fallen into ruts? Do they know how to move from doing tasks to creating great experiences for customers (external and internal)? How do you and your staff get into the ‘shoes’ of your customer to produce an experience the customer will remember (and an experience they’ll tell others about)? The EA has the tools and training you need to ensure that your customers keep coming back with our customized Customer Service Excellence training options!

Customer Service Excellence


You’re managing a busy HR department. Some days, don’t you wish you had an extra set of eyes and two more hands? Look to the EA to help you with your recruitment process, job analysis and job description development, employee handbook development, HR best practices and a host of other HR-related topics.



Employee Engagement

Consider the cost of having disengaged employees. How can it impact your customers? Your operational efficiencies? Your organization? The EA’s Employee Engagement Survey will help you get a sense of your employees’ perceptions of your organization’s climate, leadership, compensation, safety, and much more.

Employee Engagement Surveys  Managing for Employee Engagement  The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace

Harassment Awareness and Prevention

Be proactive when it comes to harassment awareness and prevention. Allow us to come to your place of business and present no-nonsense, straightforward information and advice to your team, from manufacturing to the professional office and everyone in between. Our classes are up to date and professionally taught by engaging instructors.


Supervisory Academy

Studies show that people don’t leave companies, they leave the person who directs their daily work. To help you retain your top talent, we equip your supervisors, managers and leads with the tools they need to better manage (and thus retain) those top performers.


Delivered when and where you need them, the EA’s On-Site educational offerings are tailored to your needs.

Let our team of experienced trainers help you with issues including customer service, respect in the workplace, harassment awareness, communication and more. Have a specific challenge? Talk to us; we can help.


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Marjorie Greenfield
Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology
University Hospitals Medical Group

We hired Dave to run a retreat for the division of general obstetrics and gynecology of University Hospitals Case Medical Center (Case Western Reserve U School of Medicine). He put together an excellent program and ran it well. The day was fun and empowering, and he got everyone contributing to the discussion. The group liked the retreat, and the follow up that Dave supplied and subsequent local discussions have given us a basis for communication and decision making.

Shelly R. Lizyness
Director of Human Resources

The session, “The SECRET to Effective Leadership”, was very well organized and thought out. The elements that Jack Hollister covered in the class along with reading the book were packaged in a very nice format that was made sense, made you think, and was a lot of fun. Jack did a very nice job of mixing up the session to get us to think. I really enjoyed how he set up exercises to get the participants to make sure as leaders we establish a vision and a path for that vision as we lead our employees.

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Rachel Paule for Upload

Rachel Paule, PHR
AVP, Human Resource Manager
Genoa Bank

GenoaBank has proudly partnered with the Employer’s Association for over 10 years!  One of most beneficial services that the EA offers that we have been privileged to take part in is their On-Site Training Services.  The EA offers an extensive array of learning topics, and the best part is if there is a topic you want covered that is not listed, they can create a customized training for just about any topic you need!

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Member Benefits

Custom solutions delivered when – and where – you need them

When you have a challenge that requires a specific training solution or a customized analysis, look to the EA’s On-Site Learning and Consulting team. We will meet with you to fully understand your issue, and will develop a training program custom tailored to meet your needs.

The program will be delivered at your facility at the time you need it. Our knowledgeable trainers and consultants present on a wide range of topics including harassment awareness and prevention, respectful communications, employment law and more. Consulting projects include employee handbook reviews, employee engagement surveys, and customer service audits and others.

Give us a call and let us know what’s on your mind!

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Content developed specifically to meet your needs
Delivery to your team at your facilities – when you need it
Subject matter experts skilled in their respective areas


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