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Calendar of Surveys

By August 17, 2016October 7th, 2021HR Solutions

The EA offers two types of surveys to its members:

Those which have results that are free to all members and those which have results that are free only to those members who participate.
To assure you are getting the most value out of your membership we encourage you to participate in these surveys. Participation will ensure that you will receive these results free of charge!
Our surveys are very thorough and will prove valuable when questions arise, updating is needed, or when change occurs within your organization. You will find a calendar of when each survey is conducted and when the results are released below.
For more information, or to participate in a survey, contact HR Solutions Coordinator, Drew Peterson.
Not an EA Member? Some surveys are still available for purchase. Check out the chart below!
 Cost for EA MembersCost for Non-Members
National Wage & Salary SurveyThe EA completes this survey for members with results from the Regional Wage & Salary Survey.January 2021$175$175$790$790
National Policies & Benefits SurveySeptember 2020November 2020March 2021Free$175EA Members Only$790
Regional Policies & Benefits SurveySeptember 2020November 2020April 2021Free$175EA Members Only$350
Regional Wage & Salary SurveyMarch 2021May 2021August 2021Free* $125 per section$125 per section*$225 per section
Member Opinion SurveyJune 2021June 2021Results are used internally at The EA to gain insight from members.
Annual Pay Increase SurveyJuly 2021July 2021August 2021FreeFreeEA Members OnlyEA Members Only
Paid Holiday SurveyAugust 2021August 2021October 2021FreeFreeEA Members OnlyEA Members Only
National Business Trends SurveySeptember 2021October 2021November 2021FreeFreeEA Members Only$790
Labor Agreement Analysis SurveyOctober 2021October 2021November 2021Free$125$225$225
National Policies & Practices Survey (Odd Years)September 2021October 2021March 2022FreeTBDEA Members OnlyTBD
Snow Survey (Even Years) TBA in 2022TBA in 2022TBA in 2022FreeFreeEA Members OnlyEA Members Only
National Benefits Survey (Even Years)TBA in 2022TBA in 2022TBA in 2022FreeTBDEA Members OnlyTBD
Miscellaneous Mini SurveysThese are conducted on an as-needed basis.FreeFreeEA Members OnlyEA Members Only

*The sections in which the job positions you provided wage data for are classified.

All prices are plus applicable sales taxes and may be subject to change.
EA survey information provided by publication is confidential and trade secret information which is solely and exclusively owned by the EA. EA members are to hold such information in the strictest confidence and cannot disclose this information to any third party person, firm or corporation, either orally or in writing. Survey information obtained may not be used for consulting services unless your client purchases the survey from the EA directly. The information will then be the property of the purchaser. In no way can this information be used in such a way that may destroy the confidentiality or secrecy of this information. Violations may result in the revocation of membership privileges and legal action.
In February 2021, the EAA National Survey committee announced the split of the National Policies & Benefits Survey into two different surveys (the National Policies & Practices Survey and the National Benefits Survey) for easier participation. They will be offered in alternate years, starting with the National Policies & Practices survey opening in September 2021.
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