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Save significantly on your workers’ compensation premium by joining the The Employer’s Association workers’ compensation program administered by CareWorks Comp. We partner with CareWorks Comp to deliver the most significant cost savings to our members. CareWorks Comp embraces a results-oriented approach that fully integrates safety prevention and risk control with aggressive claims management to deliver a significant return on investment. The EA and CareWorks Comp can analyze your company to determine the BEST workers’ compensation premium-saving program for you.
  • Group Rating – CareWorks Comp’s group rating program is the only plan endorsed by the Employers’ AssociationIn 2018 the program’s estimated return on investment averaged over 1,000%.
  • Group Retrospective Rating – This program offers premium savings projected as high as 60% and can be a great alternative for companies unable to qualify for traditional group experience rating.
  • Deductible Program – This program offers discounts on premium rates in exchange for accepting a specified deductible amount.
  • 100% EM Cap – Companies becoming penalty rated for the upcoming policy year can have increases to their Experience Modifier (EM) limited, or capped, at 100%, thereby limiting rate and premium increases.
  • Other Alternative Rating & Discount Programs – Drug-Free Safety Program, One Claim Program, Safety Council, Salary Continuation, $15K Medical Only Deductible and others.
  • Self Insurance – Companies pay compensation and medical costs directly for work-related injuries avoiding escalating reserves and premiums charged by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. CareWorks Comp serves more Ohio self-insured employers than any other third party administrator.


Contact CareWorks Comps’, Cordell Walton, at: 614.827.0398 or

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