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Monthly HR and Management Newsletter: Published once a month, The Bulletin is a newsletter designed to keep employers advised of changes in regulations and new policy trends that may affect their business or their employees. It is 12 pages in length and generally includes articles relative to Human Resource Management, Training, Safety, Leadership, Legislative, Compliance, and General Management. With your paid membership to The Employers’ Association, you can view the current Bulletin and The Bulletin archives.

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About The Employers' Association

When you need help answering the tough questions or tackling time-consuming projects, The Employers’ Association (EA) has you covered. Our experts in Human Resource Solutions, Professional Training and Wellness Consulting can meet your needs today. The EA was formed more than 60 years ago, by local companies for local companies, to address common workplace needs. We’re still doing it today. From two-person companies to corporations with thousands of employees, our member organizations come in all different sizes and represent a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, automotive, community service agencies, municipal and county governments, educational institutions, and more. More than 700 organizations are members of the EA. We’re humbled to say that many of them have been with us for more than 20 years.