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Employee Engagement Surveys

How do you measure “Employee Engagement”? 

How does it work?

  • The purpose of the Employee Engagement Survey will be to quantify and gain an understanding of employee engagement in such areas as general perceptions of the organization, leadership, climate, employee-supervisor relations, communication, professional development, and other areas.
  • The survey will consist of engagement-related rating scale questions and essay questions, if requested.
  • Once the survey questions are finalized by The Employers’ Association (EA) and the organization, the EA does the rest. The organization will be kept informed of progress during the entire project.
  • The survey will be delivered via e-mail. The EA survey is conducted on a third-party survey platform which allows for participation without disclosing individuals’ identities.
  • Final report to leadership will include survey results and recommendations on interpretation of data/feedback and potential areas of focus for the organization’s consideration.
  • Initial consultants, survey design/set-up, emailed survey collection, creation of final report, and presentation of results to leadership are included in the total cost. If any additional breakouts of data and/or reporting are requested, separate charges will apply.

For a price quote (discounted for EA members) and a full proposal:

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