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EA Wellness Consulting Solutions

EA Wellness Consulting Solutions

You have a ton on your plate. Hit the Easy button.
Reach full organizational potential and level up your employees’ overall health by transforming your wellness culture with EA Wellness Solutions.
Our innovative solutions help you to become an employer of choice and discover a path to wellness. Whether it’s tackling turnover, increasing employee satisfaction, or improving productivity, EA Wellness Solutions is here to help.

We can meet the needs and budget of any organization. Choose from our options below:


Launch a culture of wellness with a dedicated wellness consultant. This three-month offering provides culture or data measurement, development and implementation of wellness leadership, and an EA Wellness signature program. Additional amenities/offerings include:
  • Intake Survey and Wellness Culture Audit
  • Choice of an Educational Session
  • Organizational Wellness Challenge


Bolster employee wellness with this six-month offering. In addition to our Activate offering, your dedicated wellness consultant will develop and implement long-term wellness culture strategy, programs, and challenges. Additional amenities/offerings include:
  • Activate Offerings
  • Planning and Strategy
  • Biometric Screening Event


  • Aggregate Reporting
  • Tobacco Cessation
  • Weight Management Program
  • Wellness Champion Strategy
  • Wellness Committee Creation
  • And much more!

READY TO GET STARTED? Contact EA Wellness! | 419.893.3000

Testimonial from a current wellness customer:

Dave Stark, Vice President of Human Resources
The Fremont Company

We used The EA’s Wellness Consulting services to educate our employees on blood pressure, diabetes, and hypertension. In doing this, the EA assisted us in educating our staff at multiple of our company locations. We used resources to assist employees in making smart choices when seeking health care services. This helped educate our employees on how to appropriately manage their health conditions. Our EA Wellness Consultant helped us organize and host a mini biometric event where she checked each of our employees blood pressure. This was an eye opening experience for many of our staff who have not checked it in years! Several employees walked away with a plan in place to start putting their health first. The EA Consultant gave each employee professional and personalized attention. The EA works alongside our broker to help strategize and deliver a comprehensive experience that was a benefit to our company and employees!

The Employers' Association

Author The Employers' Association

When you need help answering the tough questions or tackling time-consuming projects, The Employers’ Association (EA) has you covered. Our experts in Human Resource Solutions, Professional Training and Wellness Consulting can meet your needs today. The EA was formed more than 60 years ago, by local companies for local companies, to address common workplace needs. We’re still doing it today. From two-person companies to corporations with thousands of employees, our member organizations come in all different sizes and represent a broad spectrum of industries including manufacturing, engineering, agriculture, automotive, community service agencies, municipal and county governments, educational institutions, and more. More than 700 organizations are members of the EA. We’re humbled to say that many of them have been with us for more than 20 years.

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