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Improving Communication Success with DISC

Improving Communication Success with DISC

At work, many times, people ask “Why did they do that, or say that, or act like that?’ And if there is no communication or dialogue, important conversation don’t happen and efficiencies and productivity die, and conflict and team drama increases.

Using an individual assessment, DISC helps supervisors and team members understand the communication styles of others, which leads to clear understanding of other’s objectives, intentions and goals. It helps eliminate “communication waste” and builds efficiencies to get the results everyone wants.

At the end of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Understand that the people on the team are different, but somewhat predictably different
  • Understand the four behavioral styles of DISC
  • Understand his/her own dominant personality style
  • Demonstrate how to use DISC to better understand other players on their teams (using real world situations and scenarios)
  • Describe how team members can use DISC to better communicate with the people they work with, especially in organizing and executing daily work and projects
  • Complete a Personal Action Plan

Content can be customized to your specific learning objectives and business needs.

For a price quote (discounted for EA members) and a full proposal:

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