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Dependent Audit Service

Did you know…there may be dependents on your organization’s healthcare plan that are actually ineligible to be on the plan?
But, how do you figure this out?
You have enough on your plate—let the EA help you. The EA can do a deep dive by conducting an audit of healthcare plan eligibility and report out the results. We will be able to assist you in validating the eligibility of dependents covered on your health insurance plan.
 Large or small company, this can be helpful and significant for all types of organizations.

What is a Dependent Audit?

It is a review of enrolled dependent(s) to verify that those persons enrolled meet the established plan requirement(s) for eligibility.

Why do I need a Dependent Audit?

A Dependent Audit helps to ensure that benefit dollars are only being spent on eligible employees and their dependents. Research has found that conducting a dependent eligibility audit will find 3-10% of plan members to be ineligible, resulting in significant savings.*

How this service helps you:

  1. Financial Benefits
  2. Fiduciary obligations and ERISA compliance
  3. Improved communication and accountability
  4. Fewer denied insurance claims
 A summary of results will be provided to you after the completion of the audit.

Can I require my employees to provide the information required of an audit?

Yes, it is legal for a company to request documentation verifying their listed dependents meet the eligibility requirements of the health care plan.
The Employers’ Association has set up a secure portal so your employees can upload the required documents. The access to the portal is limited to the Verification Team working directly on the audit. Also, if documents are faxed, the Verification Team will retrieve and keep the information in a secure file.


The Employers’ Association provided us with an efficient, cost-effective process to verify our employee benefits group (1000 people). The EA saved us time, energy, and stress by compiling all the communication to notify our employees of the audit and responded timely to our HR team’s questions as well as questions from our employees about the process. The results of the audit led to benefits savings of several thousand dollars annually.
I would highly recommend this service for medium/large companies to verify their dependents in an efficient and accurate manner for potential benefits cost savings.
Abby Brown, Manager, Human Resources Employment, Owens Community College
Interested in having this service performed on an ongoing basis? We can assist with that!
 Contact us at: 419.893.3000 OR  REQUEST MORE INFO

Meet the Verification Team! 

Seta Tchobanian, MBA (
Director, HR Solutions and Consulting

Phyllis Cole, SHRM-SCP (
Senior HR Consultant

Chris Henning, SHRM-SCP, CBP (
Senior HR Consultant

Randy Lucas (
HR Manager

Colleen Neidert (
Senior HR Consultant

Drew Peterson, PHR (
HR Consultant

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