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aPHR™/PHR®/SPHR®/SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Test Prep and Certification Information

aPHR™/PHR®/SPHR®/SHRM-CP/SHRM-SCP Test Prep and Certification Information

So you’d like to take a live, high-quality study prep course to prepare for the newest HR certification exams, but you are busy, you can’t miss time during the day at work, you really need some scheduling flexibility and would like more than one option?
Now, from the comfort of your own home or office, you can participate in one of the most comprehensive HR cert-prep (certification preparatory) programs to be found anywhere.
Through The EA’s partnership with Catapult, our sister association in Raleigh, North Carolina, YOU, our valued member, can learn from renowned study course leader David Siler, an award‐winning lecturer to businesses and HR professionals on many HR related topics.
  • Are you thinking about getting your PHR® or SPHR® or SHRM-CP® or SHRM-SCP® certification? Wondering how the certification or certifications will help your career and trying to figure out the best way to prepare to pass these rigorous exams? Attend a FREE one-hour LIVE webinar to meet the instructor, David Siler, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, GPHR, SHPRi, PHR, Managing Partner of Distinctive HR, Inc. David’s HR certification students have an extremely impressive pass rate of more than 90%.


  • PHR, SPHR, SHRM-CP, SHRM-SCP Certification Study Course: Getting a PHR® (Professional in Human Resources®), SHRM-CP (Certified Professional), SHRM-SCP (Senior Certified Professional) or SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources®) certification will distinguish you from your peers, build your self-confidence, and earn you greater respect within the HR profession.


  • aPHR Web-Based Study Certification: The aPHR™ encompasses the foundation of human resource (HR) operations as practiced in the United States. As a young professional embarking on a new career in HR, the aPHR can give individuals the edge needed to jump to the top of the hiring list. It is an HR certification for professionals who are beginning their HR career or transitioning into the HR field.


If you have questions or would like additional information, reach out to our Training Team at 419.893.3000.
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