Why We Don’t Feel Connected In A Connected World

Lunch with Instagram is only a reminder that we didn’t prepare a gourmet meal for dinner.

Social media has certainly taken on a life of its own. As we discussed in my last post, it can get a little crazy out there in cyber world. Many of us have established some unhealthy habits related to how we engage in social media and we often forget that these habits impact our relationships in negative ways.

Not only do people get carried away on social media because they are safely tucked away behind their keyboards but social media causes other issues, too.

First, how many times have you gone to dinner with your friends and been so excited for a night away, only to get there and have everyone using their phones the entire night? This can be very frustrating and doesn’t help us create the bonds we need with our peers and with our loved ones.

Worse yet is, a date night with your husband who you know you need quality time with and you both resort to a movie you half watch while perusing Facebook posts. As Bustle indicates, this can be one of the main causes of conflict in relationships.

Social media is not helping us connect, engage in healthy conflict, develop lasting relationships or simply allow our minds to wander and daydream. Plus, we all know that staring at a blue screen before bed is messing with our circadian rhythm, Saturday nights are not as much fun with Twitter as they are dancing the night away, and lunch with Instagram is only a reminder that we didn’t prepare a gourmet meal for dinner.

It is increasingly difficult in today’s world to stay present and mindful but it is even more important that we do just that. We need to feel connected in a world that is virtually connected but sadly disengaged.

Bustle lists 11 habits that we all need to break so we enjoy the moments and the people that make living a meaningful life.

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Source: Bustle.com

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