The SECRET to Effective Leadership

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The session, “The SECRET to Effective Leadership”, was very well organized and thought out.

The elements that Jack Hollister covered in the class along with reading the book were packaged in a very nice format that was made sense, made you think, and was a lot of fun. Jack did a very nice job of mixing up the session to get us to think. I really enjoyed how he set up exercises to get the participants to make sure as leaders we establish a vision and a path for that vision as we lead our employees. It is easy for us to get in the day to day grind of putting out fires and short term goals but as Jack reminded us, we needed to be visionaries and help lead our employees to that vision.  The book and the class really complemented each other.  Our leadership team really enjoyed this session and we will use this session for other leaders and future leaders within our Company.

Shelly R Lizyness
Director Human Resources

About Jack Hollister

Since 1997, Jack has led The EA as its president, developing the overall direction of The Association and managing its day-to-day activities. He also trains and consults in the areas of leadership development, strategic planning and the utilization of the DISC profile for team-building purposes. In his spare time, Jack enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, and golfing.