Regional Wage and Salary

2018 – 2019 Regional Wage and Salary Surveys

(Released July 2018) This regional survey provides you with an easy reference to compare your company’s wage rates for specific jobs against the average regional market rate. The average, weighted average, and interquartile rates are broken out by: company size, geographic area, unionization status, and industry type. Over 250 jobs are reported within seven survey categories.

Regional Wage and Salary Surveys

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2015-2016 Office/Clerical
Wage & Salary Survey


Engineering and Technical
Office and Clerical
Production, Maintenance and Service
Professional, Managerial, and Supervisory
Information Systems
Health Care

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The 2018-2019 Regional Annual Pay Increase Survey Results

This report is based on a total number of 14283 employees within the survey. The participating firms are 37% Manufacturing – Durables, 11% Manufacturing – Non-Durables, 14% Services – Finance, Professional/Business, Information, 6% Services – Wholesale and Retail Trade, 11% Services – Non-Profit, Educational, Social & Health, 21% Other. This survey covers adjustments which were given between 8/1/17 and 7/31/18 and projected adjustments for 8/1/18 to 7/31/19. *Bonuses including lump sum and ratification bonuses were not included in the tabulations.

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Regional Annual Pay Increase Survey

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