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The Employers’ Association can provide you with: Federal and State Labor Law Poster Kits!

Each kit includes one laminated poster with the required federal postings and one laminated poster with your state’s required postings. Kits are available for all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Stay on top of changing mandatory information throughout the year with our convenient update service!  You won’t have to worry if a posting has changed ~ You will automatically receive those changes.  For one year, whenever a mandatory change to federal or state postings occurs, you’ll receive a *brand-new poster* updated to replace the old one within 30 days of the government finalizing content.

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Poster Pricing

Note: Please select the “Taxable” or “Non-Taxable” option, whichever is appropriate for your organization. “Taxable” pricing includes sales tax. For out-of-state orders, please select the “Non-Taxable” option.

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Federal & State Labor Law Posters

All-in-One Federal & State Poster Kit
Member Price: $25.00
Update Service – 1 Year
(*requires the purchase of 1 full set of federal and/or state posters)
The update service runs from June 1 through May 31. Pricing for partial periods will be prorated.
Member Price: $45.00
Federal Poster Only
Member Price: $15.00
State Poster Only
Member Price: $15.00

Workplace Policy Posters

Sexual Harassment Poster
Drug Free Workplace Poster
Right to Work/E-Verify Poster

Safety & Health Posters

Bloodborne Pathogens Poster
Emergency Numbers Poster
Fire Extinguisher Safety Poster

Additional No Smoking Posters

No Smoking Posters (OHIO)

To access the individual required Federal, Ohio, and Michigan labor law posters at no cost, please log-in.

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